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Way Chein provides some traditional and special items, Miso powder, Vinegar powder, Tomato Powder, Enzymatic HVP and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Paste.

Product NameCodeDescription
Meat Flavor EnhancerHVP-CPSoybean protein origin, Rich amino acid and meat flavor imitated
HVP-EDSoybean protein origin, Vacuum dried , Rich meat flavor
MFP-AISoybean protein origin, Canned meaty flavor imitated
Chicken Flavor EnhancerCFP-CGWheat protein origin, Chicken flavor imitated
HVP-GFSoybean & Corn protein origin, Chicken flavor imitated, Oil-coated
Beef Flavor EnhancerHVP-FZSoybean & Corn protein origin, Beef flavor imitated , Oil-coated
RBP-ADVacuum dried,  Roast beef flavor
RBP-ACRoast beef flavor
Miso PowderMSPSpray dried, Soya miso flavor
MSP-ADVacuum dried rice miso, a light brown powder
MSP-AEVacuum dried rice miso, a yellow powder
Vinegar PowderVNP-BGranulated, Concentrated rice vinegar flavor
VNP-CSpray dried, Concentrated Chinese mature vinegar flavor
Tomato PowderTMP-ANo artificial color added, tomato flavor enhancer
TMP-CTomato flavor enhancers
Enzymatic HVP (eHVP)EVP-AJSoybean protein, Enzyme hydrolysis, Low salt content
EVP-AIWheat protein, Enzyme hydrolysis, Low salt content
EVP-AGWheat protein, Enzyme hydrolysis
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein PasteHVPTHVP Paste, Soybean protein origin, Total Solid≥75.0%
HVPT-AEHVP Paste, Corn protein origin, 100% HVP Liquid concentrated, Total Solid≥70.0%
HVPT-DHVP Paste, Soybean  protein  origin, 100%  HVP Liquid concentrated, Total Solid≥75.0%

Packing: 25kg/Drum, Palletize package is available.

The above data is just general information, for the detail and specification, please contact us by email