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The Maillard reaction flavor enhancer is made through chemical reaction between amino acid and sugar to create the meaty flavors.

Product NameCodeDescription
Beef Flavor PowderBFPRich braize beef flavor
Beef Bone Flavor PowderCBP-ACRich beef bone flavor
CBP-ABRich beef bone flavor, Flavoring added
CBP-FStrong beef bone flavor
Chicken Flavor PowderCFP-CFChicken meat extract based, a “broth” flavor
CFP-ERich amino aid and chicken flavor
Meat Flavor PowderMFPRich meat flavor
MFP-B-2Rich and mellow flavor
Smoked Meat Flavor PowderSMP-AASmoked chicken meat flavor
Roast Beef Flavor PowderRBP-ACRoast beef flavor
RBP-ADVacuum dried,  roast beef flavor
Beef Bone Flavor BalmCBB-ABDeep red-brownish balm, rich beef flavor

Packing: 25kg/Drum, Palletize package is available.

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