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Blending powder is a kind of seasoning powder made of vegetable, meat extract, spicies and other condiments through the process of blending.

Product nameCode
Pickle Flavor PowderPKP-A
Wasabi Flavor PowderWBP-AE
Curry Beef Flavor PowderCBP-A
Peppery Chicken Flavor PowderPCP-B
Pizza Flavor PowderPIP-A
Barbecue Beef Flavor PowderBCP
Pungent Beef Flavor PowderPBP-E
Curry PowderCUP-AG
Tomato Flavor PowderTMP-BF
Chives Steak Flavor PowderCSP-AE
Honey Butter Flavor PowderHBP-AA
Spiced Salt Flavor PowderSPP-AM

Packing: 25kg/Drum, Palletize package is available.

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