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Way Chein offers many series of Fermented Soy Sauce Powder to the world. These products include spray-dried, MSG-free, GMO-free and light colored.

ItemColorMSGCaramel colorKosherHalalRemark
FSPBrownNon addedVVVMore Traditional Chinese Flavor
FSP-AWBrownNon addedVVVMild Flavor
FSP-CCBrownNon addedVVVRich Soy Sauce Flavor
FSP-CLLight BrownNon added
VVMore Concentrated
FSP-CQLight BrownNon added
VVMore Japanese Style
FSP-EJLight BrownNon addedV*VMore Traditional Chinese Flavor
FSP-ETLight BrownNon added

VMore Concentrated

Remark: 1.  *  New item, to be applied later.

Packing: 25kg/Drum, 20kg/Carton, 20kg/Bag

Palletize package is available.

The above data is just general information, for the detail and specification, please contact us by email